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Meet the Team - Ciaran Brohan

Ciaran Brohan
Ciaran Brohan
May 26, 2021

As we have a lot of new members enquiring about our training we’re going to do a few quick intros about our coaching staff

Our head coach Ciaran Brohan takes the majority of classes in T45 Jiujitsu Cork.

Ciaran is a black belt under Andy Ryan of Team Ryano and has been training Grappling Martial arts for 10 years.

No stranger to the competition scene in the UK and Ireland Ciaran has competed and medalled at every Belt including taking Irish open Golds at Purple and Brown belt, and made a name for himself on the UK's Sub Only Circuit with wins on Grapplefest and other professional shows.

Ciaran’s classes are a modern take on Jiujitsu with concept lead coaching and active drilling being a huge part of his classes.

Ciaran is also a qualified Yoga for BJJ Instructor so can help with your flexibility and recovery for all martial arts.

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