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The Benefits of Starting Your Child in Jiujitsu

  • Builds Confidence

    While training Jiujitsu your kid will learn how to handle themselves with confidence on and off the mats.

  • Agility, Balance, Co-Ordination

    Our primary focus is on teaching kids games that transfer to Jiujitsu and build Agility, Balance and Co-Ordination

  • Fitness

    Not every kid is into the classic Irish sports like football or hurling. Maybe they spend too much time on their iPads or watching TV. Brazilian Jiujitsu is a fun way to get fit and exercise

Age Groups

Little Ninjas 5-8 years

The objective for Little Ninjas is fun. Our instructors have plenty of games, coordination drills and grappling basics to keep the kids focused, engaged and happy.


Tuesday 5 - 6pm

Saturday 9 - 10am

Little Ryanos 9-12 years

This group will still have fun games, especially for warm ups. In this class the focus will be on the Core Basics Jiujitsu, building the coordination and skills to progress.


Tuesday 5 - 6pm

Saturday 10 - 11am

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