Kids Brazilian Jiujitsu

Empower your kids with self defence skills

Empower your kids with self defence skills

We’re excited to announce that we will be offering our long-planned kids programs upon return to the gym. Our goal is simple, teach kids to succeed. Kids that don't bully and don't get bullied.

Our Kids BJJ classes have two age groups (Little Ninjas 4-7, Little Ryanos 8-12). Our kids coaching team Laura and Ciaran focus on building a fun and friendly environment. They will build confidence and discipline while developing their ABCs (Agility, Balance, Co-Ordination)

Kids Brazilian Jiujitsu Cork Ireland

Many children face the problem of being bullied. Brazilian Jiujitsu equips your kid with the confidence that they can protect themselves. This confidence makes a kid less likely to fall victim to bullying.

In both our classes, students will be introduced to both the sport and self-defence sides of Jiujitsu. Alongside the values of living the martial arts lifestyle. We aim to give your kids the skills to defend themselves or perform in competition, but to teach them the martial arts values of humility, respect and politeness.

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