Unlock your full potential with Yoga for Bjj

Unlock your full potential with Yoga for Bjj

Improve your mobility and recovery with our Yoga for BJJ classes. Our instructor Ciaran is a level 1 Yoga for BJJ instructor. Yoga for BJJ is a distilled form of Yoga designed by Sebastian Brosche.

Yoga is a collection of physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines. It is a complex system which embraces many different aspects of the human life. Yoga for BJJ is a based on Vinyasa Yoga although it incorporates other forms of Yoga.

Yoga class at T45 Jiujitsu Midleton Cork

## Why should I train Yoga?

Yoga will benefit your life many ways. If you work a desk job it will help undo some of the damage you'll do to your body from sitting all day. If you work a physical job it will help relax and restore your body. There are many reasons to start practicing.

## Will it benefit my Jiujitsu?

It almost seems as if the arts of Brazilian Jiujitsu and yoga were created as a complement to each other. Anyone who practices both can tell you that they mirror each other in many ways. Some of the benefits you'll experience in your Jiujitsu are :

Correction of Imbalances, Improved Flexibility, Increased Strength and Balance , Body Awareness and Breath Control and Mental Clarity.

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