Feb 18, 2021

Brazilian Jiujitsu – Fitness for the Modern Day Warrior

Who doesn’t remember the scene in Gladiator where Maximus throws the sword into the stands and declares with wide arms “Are you not entertained?”

Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) is quickly becoming a lifestyle fitness choice for the ‘Modern Day Warrior’. It provides a way to get fit that doesn’t involve running on a treadmill for hours on end or being shouted at to do burpees in a fitness class. Originally developed by the Japanese before being brought over to Brazil, BJJ is immensely popular throughout the world, not just as a martial art, but also as an alternative workout.

Today, we’ll share 5 benefits of BJJ you probably didn’t know about.

1. Weight Loss

Before you start BJJ, you already might assume there will be some fitness benefits like becoming more athletic and increasing your flexibility. However if you’re looking to lose weight, Bjj has proven to be an amazing way to see the number on the scale drop significantly. Jiujitsu makes use of your entire body, so by the end of the session you’ll have finished a full body workout without even realising.

There is a common myth that BJJ is only for those who have reached a certain level of fitness. In reality BJJ is for everyone, no matter what type of body composition. You’ll get fitter, stronger and more flexible as your training continues.

2. The Feeling of Acheivement

Jiujitsu isn’t easy, there will no doubt be many times along the road that you’ll find difficult. You’ll actually find yourself losing more than you are winning. Failure is part of the game and isn’t seen as a detriment to your development, but a perfect learning opportunity.

Whether it’s finally being able to hit a perfectly timed sweep or submission or escaping a bad position in sparring, the sense of achievement you get from overcoming the difficult times is second to none.

3. Better Overall Health

Bringing it back to our friend Maximus when a lot of people take up martial arts for fitness, it can sometimes be associated with wanting to look better or get abs like a Gladiator. What many people can overlook is that martial arts provides a range of health benefits aside from looking better.

Training in BJJ lowers cholesterol levels, increases endorphin production, normalizes insulin and blood sugar levels, improves the respiratory system and burns a crazy amount of calories.

BJJ has long term positive impacts on your health. It is more than just a sport, more than just a martial art, it is a lifestyle

4. Enhanced Coordination

In the modern climate most of our day to day lives are spent sitting on a comfortable chair, at our desk, with a computer in our face. This has negative effects on our coordination and body and encourages a sedentary lifestyle. With BJJ, through the continuous movement in every class, we gain back that body synchronization and coordination, re-learning how to use our arms, legs, and core to work as a unit.

5. Increased Focus

When rolling on the mat we have to be constantly aware of each and every one of our limbs, as well as our opponent’s. We make calculated movements, advancing position to possible sweeps and submissions. This laserlike focus is a trait that can apply to our everyday lives. With better focus, we can get more tasks done at the office and have more time to train Jiujitsu

The benefits of BJJ are endless. Not only will you see yourself change on a physical level but you will also grow emotionally and mentally. BJJ is so much more than any regular old workout, it truly is a Fitness workout for the ‘Modern Day Warrior’

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