Ladies Only Jiujitsu

An empowering approach to fitness and self defence

Our Women’s Only classes are designed to give women of all experience and fitness levels an opportunity to train and learn together in a friendly and encouraging environment, whether your aims be fitness, self-defence or competition oriented. ⁣

Lead by our women’s coach Laura, who holds a purple belt in BJJ, the classes will focus on practical Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques and movements and will leave you feeling stronger, fitter and more confident than ever.⁣

This class will focus on mostly fundamentals in the beginning and is primarily focused on Gi Jiujitsu. With the tools you learn and practice in the women’s only class, it’s common that you might eventually decide to jump into the normal adult class to get more training… or not – that’s okay too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

A standard gym top and shorts is perfect for your first class, we have a rental scheme for Kimonos.

I have long hair. How do I keep it out of my way?

Long hair in Jiujitsu can be a pain to manage but there are ways to keep it contained. The best way to keep it out of the way is two French plaits..

Should I be fit to start?

This is a common question, but you will build Jiu-jitsu specific fitness after a few weeks of training.

Who coaches this class?

Our womens coach Laura Power teaches the Women’s only classes in T45 Jiujitsu.


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