Elevate Your Jiu-Jitsu Skills in our Mixed-Level BJJ Class

For students who have some experience under their belt, we recommend you participate in our All Levels classes. These classes aren’t meant to replace Foundations, rather, it’s in these classes that you’re going to have the opportunity to learn a series of high-level techniques and competition skills that will allow you to advance your skillset entirely.

These classes are also of great benefit to those looking to compete in Brazilian Jiujitsu tournaments. As well as looking at some trickier techniques, students are able to experience live sparring and a faster-paced session.

Techniques Which Will Make You Think!

After you’re warmed up we move to technique demonstration just like in Fundamentals. To keep continuity and to reinforce your progressive learning, we still focus monthly modules on specific BJJ areas.

The difference here in All Levels is that we try not to spend time going through the absolute basics which students will already have a good grasp of. Instead, we try and maximise the time we have together by delving into technique variations and specific to different areas of the game(guard playing / top passing / submission attacking) for example.

This is not to say that all techniques are extremely advanced in these classes. We still focus on simple, effective submissions and sweeps however we will often give a larger range of variations for them, including novel and interesting set ups which will make your skills and BJJ mindset a little more holistic.

Ciaran has trained at some of the best academies in the world, practising with and competing against international talents. Therefore, the structure of our All Levels classes is based on his extensive experience of what really works, and what gets the best results for the student.