Nogi Brazilian JIujitsu

Prefer Training Nogi? We’ve Got You Covered!

Prefer Training Nogi? We’ve Got You Covered!

For students who have some experience under their belt, we teach Nogi classes four times a week which you’re welcome to attend. These classes cover a range of advanced Nogi techniques such as the modern leglock game and of course, that also includes stand up game and competition-feasible takedowns.

Unlike Gi training where there is a wider range of available grips, in this class, we focus on the most efficient Nogi grips and systems.

Nogi Brazilian Jiujitsu Cork

A Short Warm Up

Just like our other classes, Nogi Brazilian Jiujitsu begins with short Yoga For Bjj warmup. We try and keep the warm up short, as this means we can jump right into the techniques and make the most out of our time on the mats.

Time to Get Technical

To ensure our students get the most of these Nogi sessions, we usually work on a single area such as advancing half guard, side control or a specific linked set of techniques over the course of the month long module.

For the techniques being taught, we will always reiterate the basic concepts before drilling movements or sequences to ensure students can string together different moves and submissions in a fluid manner.

It is the drilling of these sequences and understanding concepts that enable you to think in a calm and collected manner when sparring, because you become better able to spot opportunities to advance any given position when you recognise certain cues.

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