Aug 16, 2021

T45 Jiujitsu Head Coach puts Cork BJJ on the map at Polaris Professional

T45 Jiujitsu Head Coach Ciaran Brohan put Cork Jiujitsu on the map on the 7th of August being the first Cork man to compete on Polaris Professional Jiujitsu and the 5th Irish Competitor to grace the stage.

The Pinnacle of Submission Grappling

Polaris is viewed as the pinnacle of Submission Grappling by many and for good reason, for the past 6 years, the Polaris mats have graced legends of the sport with some amazing matchups. In recent years it’s shifted to focus to a new Squads format providing a novel take on team grappling as a sport.

Fulfilling a Lifelong Goal

While the match did not go his way (His opponent Jack Sear from London Grapple hitting a brilliant heelhook just over 5 minutes of the match) Ciaran was delighted to have achieved a huge goal of his by competing on Polaris Stage

I always dreamed about competing on Polaris but never fully thought I’d achieve that goal. It still feels like a dream. Being a polaris vet and the first person from Cork to do it is something I’ll always be proud of.

Not one to rest on his achievements Ciaran is back training already and building towards his next goals

My focus is for the rest T45 Jiujitsu to start competing over the next few months, we’ve an incredibly strong team and I cannot wait to show how good the team is and I’ve a few matches in the pipeline for the near future.

Seeing Ciaran get on Polaris Professional is a massive achievement and we can’t wait to see what comes next for him!

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